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The Original Cuntress!

Some of My amazing Domme Friends and  I 

Mistress Gabrielle Fetish Palace 2007 or 2008
Mistress Gabrielle Wester Aust Photographer 2010
Mistress Gabrielle Invisible Adelaide June 17
Mistress Gabrielle Soul Focus Photoshoot Sydney 2011

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and they are probably right these days, because who really reads a website any more? Luckily I have supplied plenty of wank fodder here... If you only read one paragraph on this site, here are a few things that will make Me stand out in a crowd and a fun Mistress in session.

Creativity is the backbone of My sessions and My dungeons. Pushy gets noticed, and if you can add a dry sick sense of humour, W/we are going to get along just fine. Usually only one third of clients will return to any Mistress, because attraction also plays a part in choosing a Dominatrix! Lucky devotees and subs choose Me because I'm outgoing, intense and extremely passionate (especially if it involves My strap-on or torture). My pet hates include indecisive people who don't know what they want...liars! Everyone knows what turns them on! I am so not the Mistress or Dominatrix you choose in order to find your kinks, I am the Mistress who totally wants to exploit them!

Mistress Gabrielle aka Cuntress Fetish Domination BDSM  & Dungeon Specialist in Adelaide South Australia, I also travel to Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles and New Orleans.

Australian Dominatrix Tall Dark Statuesque Beauty

Mistress Gabrielle Australian Dominatrix aka Cuntress, Specialising in BDSM Fetish scenarios, My Dungeons are in Adelaide South Australia, I love Whiplr, I travel to Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angles, New Orleans and Texas