You will be pleasantly surprised, when first W/we meet, to discover that I actually look like My pictures. However, I only wear dreads for filming, performances or at fetish events.  

Manners cost nothing and first impressions are ever lasting... It seems the true devotees with manners are rare nowadays. Do yourself a favour... as I will NOT tolerate the new generation of ever demanding devotees and their general lack of respect.

My skill set is second to none, and ever changing with My moods. I enjoy toying with true pain sluts who get off on My sadistic talents & precision handling of implements like floggers, paddles, canes or even a single tail or two. Over the knee spanking can be loads of fun as I do spank hard!

I have been so very lucky over My career to have worked with some of the most amazing Dommes in the business. The people who taught Me My craft and got Me to where I am today:

Mistress Lana who is like a big sister to Me. I can't imagine My dungeon or skill set without you.

Domina Fetisha from Melbourne, you were My inspiration when I was just starting out and you still give Me advice to this day.

Master Snake you gave Me My first floggers and single tail lessons.

Goddess Mercy you have walked almost every step of this intense journey. Fun is all I can say about Our adventures.

Fiona the pain slut, thank you for your art and O/our sessions together and trixii My personal sla^e. you two princesses made Me the Dominatrix I am today.

Thank you so Much Guys.

Love and Kisses

Mistress Gabrielle xxx

A Special Thanks To My Mentors


I'm now Semi Retired in Adelaide

All sessions require a deposit to secure your time, during My few and far between working days in Adelaide now the Dungeon is closed.​ Deposits required for all sessions, here are My Bank details; DVC Studios...National Australia Bank BSB 085 458   Acc#   34 595 4360 

A BDSM Dominatrix is not something I do... it is who I am. If I were cut, I would bleed fetish. It's something that produces a change both in Myself and My clients. Although I am in My late forties, and I have owned one of Australia's most decadent fetish establishment for over 14 years, I still enjoy the intimacy of looking into your soul, your fetish and the excitement of bringing that moment to life. Coupled with the raw power and visceral energy exchange that can only come with true connection and submission between you and a powerful Goddess like Myself.

I enjoy sensory overload using various equipment, vibrators and My claws leaving an electrifying effect on your entire body and being.
Mind fvck!ng is one of My many talents. The thing that I hear most at the end of each session is how easily I am able to get into My devotees minds, and read their body's from O/our first encounter. I am a traditional Dominatrix that has been trained
... I never offer intimate sexual services on Myself, the only part of My body available for worship is My feet lucky sla^es :)

The Original Cuntress!

Mistress Gabrielle


Mistress Gabrielle Adelaide Mistress, Australian Dominatrix aka Cuntress, Specialising in BDSM Fetish scenarios.