Mistress Gabrielle

The Original Cuntress!

I am a traditional Domme and My attributes are truly something to behold & experience. It's the thing that sets Me apart from the mediocre. In My opinion, you truly can only experience BDSM in real life and or in real time. My Skype sessions are great if you are interstate or overseas or simply missing your Goddess, but You can never substitute the internet for the real thing. I whole heartedly support the adult industry; don't get Me wrong "I love porn" and can't get enough of it, however, people taking their clothes off for money, is NOT within My job description - EVER! 

I love to wear fetish art. My fetish is fetish clothing which always includes a corset! At BDSM events I wear couture fetish that I have designed and made myself, or made by My very talented friends including Mistress Summer Storm, Raven Blaylock or Rubber Harry.
What ever fetish I wear it will always be skintight & corseted (as that is My kink) and I will show a little flesh whilst wearing thigh high boots. I am totally into clothed FemDom, naked male or sub. This allows Me to indulge in My fetish and it disarms the sub... Did I mention I love the POWER exchange?

I can assure you that My energy and zest for BDsM/fetish is intense bordering on obsessive and My fangs and nails stand out in a crowd. I guarantee you will always notice Me even when in a room full of the world's best Fem Dommes. It is paramount in a world where everyone who has watched 50 Shades of Grey now considers themselves a Dominatrix, or if you have a phone/Keyboard calling yourself mistress all without the appropriate training, WTAF please spare Me! you can tell the difference when W/we stand together or session together hehehehe...

Sydney Mistress Gabrielle Adelaide Mistress Melbourne Mistress Australian Dominatrix aka Cuntress Specialising in BDSM Fetish scenarios.